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Foodcoach Institute

Automated Online Learning Programs

The outcome of this project was to significantly reduce admin hours managing students, create an automated online learning platform, implement a system for tracking student progress, eliminate document version control problems and deliver a user friendly approach to learning for students.

A Perfect Example Of How To Use Cloud Based Technology To Create Automated Learning Programs

Professor Dr Shirley Mcilvenny is CEO and Director of the Food Coach Institute. After becoming a Family Doctor she travelled all over the world, studying how illness could be solved by healthy nutrition. Now settled in Australia, Prof Shirley has developed her practice to include nutrition as a healing therapy. She is passionate about preventing illness and helping people learn how to eat the right way in today’s unhealthy world. Her aim is to train as a many Food Coaches as possible to spread the message and help combat our 21st Century diseases of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and arthritis.

Dr Shirley has used her 20+ years of experience to develop numerous courses in the area of nutrition. She prides herself on the fact that her courses contain the most up to date research backed by scientific studies. The only challenges the Foodcoach faced was in admin side of delivering the courses. Although they were using Infusionsoft which has the capability of delivering systemised online courses, the course itself was being run off Microsoft Word documents which had many limitations. The biggest of those being version control and trying to keep track of the incoming course documents from students via email. The Foodcoach Institute was in desperate need of a better system. Watch the video above to see how we integrated Infusionsoft with Google Docs and a new online student portal built off the back end of their website to achieve the desired outcome.

A Look At The End Result